Spiral bevel gearboxes

Having proven their versatility and value time after time for over 50 years. Tandler gearboxes are quality through and through. Every surface is matched for universal mounting capabilities, the power density is among the highest in the industry. They are extremely precise with very low backlash and very low transmission error.

Features and benefits

Low Backlash

Hardened and lapped matched set gearing provide smooth, reliable and predictable rotary motion.

Universal Mounting

Machined housing and tapped holes allow mounting on all six sides.

Machined Flanges

Provides alignment for perfect shaft centering.

Bearing Options

Ball bearings for quiet operation, tapered bearings for higher radial load capacity.

Special Design

Standard models can be modified for maximum design versatility.

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  • Maximum torque up to 7300Nm
  • 8 Standard sizes with 15 standard ratios up to 6:1
  • Speed reducing and up to 1:2 speed increasing
  • Standard backlash 5-6 arc minutes
  • Reduced backlash down to 1,5 arc minutes