Speed modulation gearboxes

Speed Modulation, or phasing gearboxes serve the purpose of modifying the basic rotational speed of a drive by imparting additional forward or reverse motion, whilst the driven shafts remain connected with each other.

Used extensively in the web and sheet processing industry, Tandler Speed Modulation Gearboxes provide precise, economical solutions to the control and adjustment of register and the synchronisation of machine operations.

Features and benefits

Low Backlash

Less play in the system provides predictable motion control.

Low Transmission Error

Precision gearing virtually eliminates velocity and position errors within a given revolution.

Right Angle or Inline

Dual drive options and multiple shaft arrangements enhance design versatility.

360 Degree Correction

Allows for infinite adjustability in either direction.

Machined Housing

Mounting is possible on 6 surfaces.

Machined Flanges

Perfect for accurate shaft centering.

Switching or Reversing Option

Manual or pneumatic control can de-clutch or reverse rotation.

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  • Maximum torque up to 2400Nm
  • 13 Standard sizes with 8 standard ratios up to 4,5:1 speed reducing and 1:3 speed increasing