Tandler puts you in the money

Just imagine - You check your lottery ticket and realise
that you have matched all the numbers. Show me the money!!
You take the ticket into the store you bought it to confirm the
win. It goes into the machine and can't be read - form classified
invalid. Goodbye money. Lottery tickets must be produced with
absolute precision so that they can be read without the
possibility of error. The precision of Tandler Speed Modulation
gearboxes in the printing process contributes to the certainty
that six correct numbers will indeed put you in the money.
Tandler strikes oil in Alaska

Different oil extraction techniques are used depending on the
environment where the oil is found. In Alaska, Tandler
gearboxes are used in the pumping of crude oil. A special
internal lubrication is used to ensure continious reliable
operation under the most extreme temperature and weather
Cherry chocolates with Tandler

What do cherry filled chocolates have to do with Tandler
gearboxes you ask? Do you ever wonder how those cherries
get into those chocolates. Well, it's a complex process requiring
precise registration and positioning of the cherries as the
chocolate cups move down the high speed conveyor belt.
As the chocolate changes consistancy with temperature and
humidity, the Tandler Speed Modulation gearboxes are used
for positioning and belt speed matching so that the cherry goes
exactly where it belongs - in the chocolate and not on the
Squeezed in the middle with Tandler

Getting the filling squeezed between two biscuits is not as easy
as you might think. The consistency of the filling is constantly
changing with temperature, humidity, and other ingredient
factors in the manufacturing process. To ensure that the
same amount of filling is placed between the biscuits
regardless of line speed or any other factor, Tandler Speed
Modulation gearboxes are used.
High Ratio
Tandlers high ratio

Wind power is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative
energy source. To maximise the efficiency of energy production,
the pitch of the rotor blades are adjusted for any given wind
condition. This is to ensure that in low wind and high wind
conditions the generator is spinning to produce the greatest
amount of electricity. Because of the enormous propeller torque,
a highly specialised Tandler Spiral Bevel gearbox with a very
high ratio is used in this application.
Diapers & hygiene products

Diapers, which most people take for granted, have evolved
dramatically over the years. Cotton cloth secured with safety
pins has been replaced with a 10 component diaper with a
breathable leak proof plastic outer layer, Velcro closures, a soft
inner layer for comfort, and an absorbant section capable of
absorbing a small lake all in a disposable unit for less cost than
a cloth diaper. During the high speed manufacturing process
each of the 10 components must be trimmed, positioned and
assembled with extreme consistancy and accuracy. Tandler
gearboxes, known for their durability and precision, are used
in diaper machines around the world to keep babies dry
and comfortable.
Tandler keeps your images clear

Do you ever wonder how a high speed 4 colour printing press
keeps the images you see in magazines so crisp and clear?
The answer is Tandler Speed Modulation gearboxes used in
the press registration system. Virtually all web type printing
presses are driven with a main line shaft, many use a Tandler
Speed Modulating gearbox at each print station. This allows
the operator to alter the position of the print forwards or
backwards relative to the previous print cylinder to make sure
each successive colour is printed precisely on top of one another
to create photo quality images at high speed.
dock cranes
Tandler on the seven seas

Virtually all freight transported on the open seas is done so
using "containers". Container ships are found in every major
port around the world. They are loaded and unloaded using
special bridge cranes. Tandler gearboxes feed and take up
cable as the crane car travels back and forth over the ship and
dock, loading and unloading freight.
Tandlers explosive connection

Using explosives is always very dangerous, especially in
demolition. When a timed detonation is called for, special fuses
are used. The consistency of the rate of burn in the fuses is
critical. This consistency is guaranteed by a precise system of
wrapping and metering explosive compound into two cords to
form a fuse. Two Tandler splined gearboxes connected with a
torque tube are used to wrap the cords with unwavering
consistency. The result is spectacular and controlled explosions.
Tandler is everywhere

Even in space you will find a Tandler gearbox. They are used to
control the solar panels of satellites. When a rocket is launched
every ounce of weight saved reduces launch costs. For this
application Tandler uses a special light weight aluminum
housing and a high tech graphite lubricant because of zero
gravity and the extreme temperature variations. Normal seals
also cannot withstand the rigors of space and are replaced with
a uniquely designed 'labyrinth' seal to contain the graphite.